Instagram is Making Few Changes for Privacy and Users Are Not Happy at All

Instagram is considered as an official place to announce life updates, Twitter is too formal, Facebook is just a family hub so when it comes to announcing things publically, Instagram is just the right platform for that. From confirming dating rumors to making relationships public, Instagram is the right place to market the celebrity life. Even if the celebrity doesn’t make things public, news reporters keep an eye on who is following who and who has unfollowed who, however, with the recent change things might become a little complicated.

Instagram is hiding the following tab. This tab was mainly used for keeping an eye on the updates regarding friends and celebrities on Instagram. Most of the users were calling this an easy way to stalk people, however, with the new change, users will no longer be able to stay updated or stalk their friends.

This change was made in early August and since then, users have complained about "Following Activity Tab" disappearance. Users now only have an activity page where they can see notification reading their own account when asked about the new change, the Instagram team has claimed that it was just a test. However, the reason behind the test or how this test can be beneficial or if the test will be used for any upcoming features is yet unknown. Users are hoping that soon this test will be over and they will be able to see the following tab again.

Here's how some social media users are reacting and complaining about this new test:

"I have no idea what’s happening and I would expect Instagram to at least mention something in advance if this is account specific. Just ridiculous.", a user commented in a Reddit thread. Another user in the same thread expressed its desperation that, "I think it's ridiculous as to why only specific regular people profiles are being targeted without breaking any rules. It doesn't matter if someone uses this function to discover new profiles through their friends activity or just to see what they're up to, but the fact that there is no explanation and this is even causing some people to look for shady backup options to download older IG versions through some secondhand sources, is not very advanced of Instagram. And can we all agree that Instagram is nearly impossible to reach as regarding the user service? Report an issue as much as you want, I'm sure it'll fall of deaf ears. Except for major outages, completely removing a function for some hand picked group of people and keeping mum about it is ridiculous. I don't want to be upset about an app, but agree or not, it has become a part of our everyday routines and this is just frustrating."

Although most people are complaining, others are not facing this problem at all while some users are happy that with the help of this update, they no longer have to worry about their privacy. However, for people who are into celebrity news, things are becoming quite challenging because they are unable to sneak other Instagram users.

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  1. I also had to delete my account because i thought i was hacked. Because i don't longer see my notifications anymore

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