In this COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok also plays a part to help the community

TikTok is one of the most used short mobile video sharing platforms and its recent announcement to restrict the playback of high definition (HD) content on its app for the next 30 days has won the hearts of its users.

This short video platform is pretty much famous among the young generation and this step by the platform is an attempt to relieve the network infrastructure in Europe.

TikTok isn’t the only one restricting the quality of content but instead its main competitor Facebook already did that too alongside Instagram, while YouTube also announced a similar policy.

For 30 Days no HD streaming for users of TikTok

Coronavirus crisis is worrying pretty much each and every person and virus without a vaccine is causing chaos among people. As the lockdown of countries begins, the EU approached all the online streaming providers to make sure that the stability of European networks remain the same and demanded the online providers to reduce the transmission rates in order to ensure the stability of networks. YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Disney, and Netflix all followed this demand and now TikTok too.

The creators of TikTok recently announced that even though the platform wants nothing else but to provide a platform for creators to share and enjoy video content but during this COVID-19 pandemic an increased level of usage can pretty much add pressure on the overall network infrastructure and capacity and with this in mind, a voluntary decision was made by the platform to restrict the users of Europe from watching high definition content for next 30 days.

Users don’t have to worry as they can still create and share videos as they do normally for the community and this decision by the platform will not have any sort of material impact on the quality of TikTok experience for users. This step by the platform is an attempt to help the community during the coronavirus outbreak by reducing the pressure on the infrastructure that is critical to people’s everyday lives. This voluntary decision comes with immediate effect and the creators of the video streaming app will be working closely with network operators for any related decisions in the future.

According to the recent reports, TikTok pretty much left WhatsApp behind as the most downloaded app in January. This figure displays more than 46% of an overall increase in downloads as compared to last year and if compared with total downloads in December 2019 it shows more than a 27% increase in the downloads of TikTok. According to the stats provided by the SensorTower report, the top three markets for TikTok downloads include India, Brazil and United States and the figure of the most downloaded apps can also increase as these reports don’t include the downloads in third-party Android platforms in China and other regions.

This decision of restriction of HD content by TikTok shows how much the platform cares for the community and is trying out all the possible ways to help as much as possible during this corona outbreak.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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