Here's What Snapchat Users Think About Coronavirus

People are freaking out with this COVID-19 pandemic and the youngsters are being considered as the generation taking the pandemic for granted.

This troublesome disease without a vaccine is making people go crazy and the quarantine solution provided by the government is just a step to stop the spread of this disease but according to the general assumptions, the young generation is being tagged as the ones violating the instructions of staying inside and hence playing a vital role into spreading the virus in the community.

According to some insight, recent coverage of college students are going on trips despite the COVID-19 pandemic is also indicating that the young people are not taking this issue seriously and even though the stats on people show that older people are more likely to get infected with this virus but the young generation still needs to take some precautions in order to stop the spread of this virus.

According to Imperial College London' study, even though more than 50% of people contract the virus show no symptoms at all but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the virus and even if they are, they can still transmit the virus to the other people with weak immune system hence playing a role in the spread of this virus.

Snapchat surveys its users regarding the COVID-19 concerns and here’s some insight:

This is a crisis for not just a single country but the whole world and to actually see how the young people are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, Snapchat conducted a survey for its users in order to study the on-platform behavior of its users.

According to the survey by Snapchat, there is around 86% less high school attendance; around 73% of young people are not attending university due to social distancing. More than 59% of Snapchatters are not going to any music venues and around 40% are avoiding movie theaters in an attempt to stop the spread of virus.

According to the survey, around 60 percent of SnapChatters are concerned about this COVID-19 pandemic and around 50% of people are using CDC and WHO as a source of authentic information whereas others are getting information through different online news sources.

According to 44% of SnapChatters, this quarantine period is expected to last for a month whereas 16% of users believe the COVID-19 pandemic to last for at least 2 months.

During the quarantine period, 33% of young users of Snapchat are streaming whereas 25% are utilizing their time with gaming and around 12% of users are doing online shopping during this quarantine era.

2 in 3 under 18 Snapchatters are more informed as compared to others and the results of this survey indicate that young people are as much concerned about this COVID-19 issue as compared to the false rumors and we all really hope that this era of quarantine ends soon.

Hat Tip: Socialmediatoday.

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