Is Netflix Giving Free Passes During CoronaVirus Pandemic?

Many messages are spreading across social media and over text messages claiming that Netflix is giving free passes to people during the global pandemic when they visit a certain link.

Some of the Twitter users raised the issue when they came across a deceptive message that claimed to offer free passes of Netflix.

In one of the tweets, a user shared a message received on Whatsapp messenger regarding its authenticity, whether it is true or not. The message included that due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, Netflix is proving free passes to people while they are observing isolation.

The message also had a link attached, asking to quickly sing up for it as it is a limited time offer, which is obviously a hoax.

Beware about this Viral Whatsapp Message that claims Netflix Giving Free Passes During CoronaVirus Pandemic

The air was cleared when the Netflix spokesperson came forward to announce that the news is fake and the platform is not offering any free subscriptions for promotion during the quarantine or isolation due to coronavirus.

Cybercriminals have implemented many phishing schemes in the past using Netflix to trick people into giving their personal information. One of the tactics involves scammers sending emails to Netflix users, asking them to update their billing information. So streaming users are advised to ignore such messages.

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