How TikTok Is Entertaining and Engaging Its Users During Global Lockdown

  • TikTok introduced a new initiative to entertain the users in this disturbing situation caused by Coronavirus.
  • The platform is hosting a week of nightly entertainment and informative shows
  • The company trying to maximize its audience reach and TikTok’s future concerns.

People are being stressed out due to the coronavirus forced global lockdown and are looking for ways to entertain themselves. To ease off the minds of the audience, TikTok has started a new information and entertainment program which aims to enable users to ask experts opinion over the COVID-19 issue and involve with some reputed celebrities on the video-sharing platform.

The #HappyAtHome initiative will feature famous actors, humorists, and musicians in a series of live-streams being hosted every day of the coming week at 5 pm. The company explained the goal of the initiative, to ease off the minds of the audience, to provide some relaxation, and to spread awareness about the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus epidemic. The company didn’t mention for how long it is going to host the said live-streams but it surely has an exciting list of celebrities joining the initiative for the first week.

Monday will be the day of inspiration with some motivational speeches, workout tips, dance classes, and some interesting cooking tips from notable personalities such as Tyra Banks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Derek Hough, tWitch and Allison Holker, and Eitan Bernath. On Tuesday, TikToks’s well-known creators like Adam Ray, Loren Gray, Addison Rae, and Charli D’Amelio will be hosting chat sessions, live makeup tutorials and gaming night. On Wednesday, the platform will host magic shows and more featuring Zach King, Jordan Fisher, and Tracee Eloos Ross. There will be an educational talk with Dr. Phil and Bill Nyre on Thursday while continuing the Q&A sessions with experts from WHO. Friday will be the night of music and other performances featuring Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion, Troye Sivon, Lauv, Hailee Steinfeld and many more.

We can see that the program does not only aims to entertain the masses, it also focuses to educate the audience on the current crisis and to encourage social distancing to stop the spread by highlighting the ‘stay home’ message.

Along with TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are also playing their part to educate global users by introducing several campaigns including #withme and #stayhome.

The company is not generating that much revenue to feature these celebrities and might be relying on its Chinese sister app named Douyin which earns a major part of its profit by eCommerce integrations. TikTok might also start doing the same in the future and we can say that it’s the best time for the platform to merge shopping tools with videos being shared on the platform. But the company is only focusing on spreading awareness among the masses and increasing the app’s users worldwide in these times. So, it was the right move to invest in getting these celebrities air time a live-stream within the platform. It will help the platform to reach the maximum dedicated audience of these well-known celebrities.

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