Smart Replies and Publish Format: Latest Updates Made By YouTube For Content Creators

  • YouTube introduces the new ‘publish format’ tab and ‘smart replies’ feature.
  • The video search giant is removing the ‘channel bulletins’ feature and limiting the expansion of YouTube memberships.
  • Changes are also being made on the YouTube homepage.
  • More content removal during the pandemic and changes in the YouTube monetization policy.

The latest video on the Creator Insider channel at YouTube reported some important updates for the content creators which includes improved insights for live streams and more.

Creators were not able to determine how many views they got from, a live stream, a scheduled premiere, or a regular video upload in the past. To improve the insights for the live stream, YouTube introduced a new tab called ‘publish format’ to the YouTube Analytics advanced mode. The new tab helps the content creator to see the number of views they got from, a live stream, a scheduled premiere of a video, and a regular upload, in the form of a chart. It will be the first time that creators will be able to determine the said breakdown.

The company is also experimenting with a new feature called ‘smart replies’. These smart replies pop up when you respond to a comment in the form of suggestions. It will help the creators to respond quickly to comments being made on their posts and are based on the most frequent replies from the content creator over the platform. Content creators can also edit these smart replies to customize them.

Channel bulletins allowed the creators to update their viewers about their channel activity feed. This feature was not often used and will be going away soon. You can save the previous channel bulletins until May 18, 2020. Viewers can subscribe to YouTube membership by paying periodic amounts to a channel for getting extra benefits. YouTube is limiting the expansion of said feature to more countries and channels as it is working with a limited review team due to the coronavirus pandemic.

YouTube introduced the suggested topic on the home page for Android users a year ago. Now iOS and desktop users will also be able to enjoy this feature. The said feature provides you more control over content recommendations. The ‘Trending tab’ will be replaced by the ‘Explore tab’ in the upcoming YouTube app update for both-iOS and android. The new tab will provide you shortcuts to destination pages. The new tab will also highlight emerging creators and will show them before other trending videos which is a good initiative to support new creators. The new tab will have a separate section for the ‘Trending tab’. The company has been experimenting with this feature since 2018.

Fewer people are available to review content after the COVID-19 outbreak as people are practicing social distancing in these times. So the company is using an automated system to review content to keep the platform safe. This will lead to more removal of videos than usual but the company will not issue strikes against the channel excluding some certain situations. Creators might see a drop in their views as the company tends to be careful about promoting the content that is been reviewed by automated systems. YouTube has also allowed the channels to monetize videos that are related to COVID-19 information which was previously not allowed. No other changes are being made to the company’s monetization policy. YouTube will continue to remove content that contains the coronavirus misinformation.

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