Google updates the releasing schedule of Chrome web browser and Chrome OS

With the wide disarray and mass chaos due to Coronavirus pandemic, people working from home and companies shutting down, Google had to make necessary amendments in its plans and schedules about the release of its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS.

2 weeks ago, due to these unprecedented circumstances because of COVID-19, Google announced that it's pausing the release of its upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS because of the newly adjusted work schedules of their team. The first announcement about this pause in function was meant to enable Google to continue the releases in a reliable, secure, and stable manner for everyone depending on them.

This disruption in their function occurred because Google’s North American team’s work schedule was changed, and they have been urged to work from home till 10th April 2020 to avoid the spread of coronavirus disease.

It was a cautious effort on Google’s part to avoid any kind of bugging issues to appear when the team is all scattered and the functionality of the organization is all muddled up. This was a very bizarre situation because Chrome releases are, under normal circumstances, very regular.

After a week or so, the company decided to prioritize the updates related to current releases, and that it would not promote Chrome 81 from beta channel to stable. It was further reported that the beta channel would remain on version 81 until chrome 83 is ready from the development channel. In the meantime, Chrome 82 was decided to be skipped from the process cycle entirely.

However, the latest news is that Google has decided to review this decision by resuming the release of Chrome and Chrome OS browsers on an alternate schedule.

As per the recent announcement, with the fix-up of security and other crucial patches, Chrome 81 is scheduled to be released in the 1st week of April 2020. Chrome 83 is scheduled for release in the middle of May 2020 and it is moving to the developing channel in the coming week.

Chrome 82 is still off the releasing hooks. But Chrome 83 will probably include all the work from version 82.

Chrome 84’s release is still undecided for an indefinite future.

Although Google is trying hard to restore some normalcy in their work schedule; however, it is pretty evident that it is not an easy feat, with the entire world locked down and threatened by this deadly virus.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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