Facebook Rolls Out New Desktop Design With Dark Mode

Over the past few months Facebook has been working on a pretty drastic redesign of its platform, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they are attempting to rebrand themselves in some way, shape or form and make it so that people can start to trust the platform once again thereby enabling it to regain some of the ground it lost after the Cambridge Analytic scandal where the social media platform was implicated in potentially helping to influence the US presidential election.

This redesign comes with some big changes. The UI is a lot cleaner, and you would notice that Stories are going to be up top and front and center so much so that they may just end up being the very first things that you would lay your eyes on at this point in time.

The sidebar is a lot cleaner as well with fewer buttons making it a lot less clunky. It seems like Facebook has definitely taken the suggestions people were giving and the criticisms people had to heart and has created a layout that breathes a lot better and helps create an easier experience for users to take advantage of, one that would not force them to sacrifice their experience to get something done quickly. There is perhaps one feature out there that stands out more than anything else, and this feature essentially involves dark mode.

People have been waiting for dark mode to come to desktop version for some time now, and the fact of the matter is that the version on the app did do well but people wanted it applicable in every kind of usage they would find for Facebook.

This update is going to make things interesting because of the fact that it will give a lot of users that had stopped using the social media platform an opportunity to start using it again, and this will help make things much more efficient down the line and potentially bring Facebook back to its glory days.

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