Covid-19 causes Facebook to make Changes to its Content Review Process!

And just like every other industry in the world, Facebook has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic as well! With its content review team working remotely, the process through which the social media giant regulates content on its platform will probably be affected!

As per a recent blog post, Facebook still plans on upholding its policies of monitoring content, so offensive or harmful content can be taken down timely. But since a major chunk of the content overseeing process will be assigned to automated systems, the social media company has alerted users to be prepared for certain misjudgments and longer review durations.

Facebook clearly stated that monitoring content, an already challenging task, is bound to face more limitations now that the relevant personnel will be working from their respective homes. Still, the social media king claims that it is working on providing the said personnel all required support and resources they need to perform their duties effectively.

Now, whenever any post/ad is reported for violating Facebook’s guidelines, the reporting user will be notified that only a limited content reviewers are available at the said moment and priority will be given to the reports that reflect more harm to Facebook’s community than the others. This indicates that certain reports have a high chance of getting overseen or receiving a delayed acknowledgment.

Facebook is also modifying its appeals process for now. Until now, whenever any content got taken down, the person who posted it received an opportunity to appeal Facebook’s decision and have it reviewed again. But given the limitations these days, the posting party can, at best, disagree with Facebook’s decision and provide feedback.

Earlier this month, a ban on advertising face masks on Facebook was placed. Rob Leathern, director of product management for business integrity, updated the ban to include hand sanitizer, surface disinfecting wipes and Covid-19 test kits in it! This will most likely discourage people from putting these products on sale at alarmingly high prices at such a critical time.

In the end, Facebook assured its users that its team is working hard in order to prevent any changes to people’s experience while using Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram at a time when the content review process will be impacted. Facebook also mentioned that it is striving hard for keeping its teams and community safe while offering services people and businesses can count on!

Covid-19 causes Facebook to make Changes to its Content Review Process!

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