Facebook will now Require you to Create a Video Selfie for Identity Verification!

Facebook has been the king of social media for quite some time now and its constant evolution shows that it has no plans of stepping down from its throne anytime soon! One problem that has been a mainstay on the social networking platform is an abundance of fake profiles.

While Facebook has taken important steps to get rid of this problem, the number of fake profiles or bots hasn’t gone down significantly. But now, it looks like the social media service has finally cracked the code of how to get this issue under control!

Recently, renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about Facebook adopting a new way to verify if an account was created by a real person. Yes, that’s right, people will now have to take a video selfie of themselves to convince Facebook that it’s them behind a particular account. Navarra got wind of the news from a Twitter user (W.S).

Navarra’s tweet also included a couple of screenshots (featured below) through which we can get a better idea of Facebook’s latest initiative to battle fake accounts. Basically, you will be required to create a video selfie of yourself in which you will turn your head in different directions.

Facebook has clearly stated that the purpose of this video is only to confirm the identity of the account creator. Moreover, the video will neither appear on the concerned user’s profile nor be saved by Facebook itself. It will be deleted after the completion of the verification process.

While this move by Facebook has the potential to control (if not end) the fake profiles from increasing on the platform, users have their doubts surrounding it. Some are not buying that Facebook will delete the videos, considering its history of handling user data. Some have also praised this step, while others are confident that bots will get smarter to topple this obstacle as well.

It remains to be seen how effective this approach turns out to be both in the short and long run. Have you or someone you know been asked to submit a video selfie to confirm their identity on Facebook yet? Let us know in the comments!

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