Facebook Introducing Two News Features, Avatar and Mood Creation for Stories

Facebook often keep testing and experiment with new features to engage its users. The platform was recently seen promoting its new avatars feature while the platform is also testing the “Mood” creation mode for its stories.

Matt Navarra, social media commentator and consultant were among the first ones who noticed the new test feature of Facebook. He shared a video on Twitter, which showed how the platform is working to bring the “Mood” creation feature where it will allow you to select the mood, represented by several GIFs that you can share with your Facebook friends through Stories.

Just like Instagram, you can tap on the image to change the way it appears, like a close-up or with borders around. It will also allow us to change the background, save it or perform any other feature that is usually available for Stories.

Some of the people are calling it a “lame” feature with nothing exciting about it while some look forward to experimenting with it.

Facebook is also touting the Avatar feature that allows users to create their digital character. The platform is prompting the feature by showing it on the news feed of users. The group of avatars shown on newsfeed includes the representation of people of all races.

Facebook promoting its new avatars feature in news feed

It is not something new, social platforms like Snapchat has already introduced the avatar feature that is used in many ways in Stories or otherwise as display picture as well.

It will be interesting to see how users respond to the two new features, especially that Avatar has already gained popularity on other platforms.

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