What Are the Best Times to Post Content on Social Media for Optimal Engagement?

Most of the time when you are posting on social media you would want to get maximum engagement on whatever it is that you are actually posting at this current point in time. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of different ways (including paid and organic) in which you can ensure that no matter what happens, you would definitely be able to get the kind of engagement that you might have been looking for. One organic factor that you should definitely pay attention to is the timing for your post, as this is the type of thing that can truly end up transforming the manner in which you might just be able to get the most out of your posts all in all.

A social media management company by the name of SproutSocial has released a few numbers this week that are surely going to be enormously useful for social media brand marketers. If we start off by looking at when brands shouldn’t end up posting content on social media if they want optimal engagement at the end of the day, Sunday definitely seems like a day that you would want to skip out on.

The fact of the matter is that people are usually busy on Sundays and often don’t have time to look at their phones. Sunday mornings are the worst possible time for you to end up posting anything, as are Sunday nights. In general this whole day seems to be a pretty bad one to make posts that you want getting a certain amount of visibility. It appears that this is a day off for most social media users as far as reposting and interacting is concerned.

As far as the ideal times to post are concerned, it really depends on the platform that you happen to be working with all in all. Most social networks indicate that the middle of the week is a good time for posts of any nature, and the reason behind this is that people are usually paying more attention to social media during these times.

On Facebook, Wednesday night seems to be the best time for posting about certain things that you might want to be getting the maximum amount of traction.

Best time to post on Facebook in 2020 - chart

Instagram users tend to focus on posts on Friday night however, so keeping this in mind is going to be very important indeed.

What Are the Best Times to Post Content on Instagram for Optimal Engagement?

Twitter seems to be somewhere in the middle, with both Wednesday as well as Friday nights proving to be enormously influential for posts that are looking to maximize engagement in a really big way.

The Best Time to Post Twitter

Interestingly, though, Twitter on Sunday is not the same barren wasteland as other platforms. In fact, Twitter seems to dip in interactions and engagement on Saturdays, so you shouldn’t have any qualms about Tweeting on Sunday.

LinkedIn seems to follow a lot of the same patterns as Facebook, with even more engagement being concentrated in the weekdays which is understandable because of the fact that you would want to look into this platform more often on days when you have work since this is what it is normally associated with all in all.

Is There a Generic Best Time to Post On LinkedIn?

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