Facebook's New Program Will Let Users Link Their Brand Loyalty Accounts To Facebook App

In an attempt to compete with the eCommerce giant Amazon, Facebook is planning to introduce a new program which will now let you see your points or rewards which you may have collected by shopping from a brand, all within your favorite Facebook app.

The idea of shopping directly from Facebook sounds pretty easy, right?

The social media giant has decided to start piloting the new program with Sephora in the US this week and a series of screenshots in the sequence, as spotted by MarketingLand shows how the program will work.

All users will have to do is connect their reward account with the Facebook account and once both are linked up, the brand (in this case Sephora) will be able to show personalized offers to users right by highlighting the user's perk status in the newsfeed.

The best part about this program is that it's Facebook's first attempt towards making their ad products more loyalty focused as well. On the other hand, brands will have the opportunity to reach out to the customers who have already shopped from them and bring them back to their outlet with more personalized information in the form of rewards - which of course can attract any customer. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that this program will also allow brands to re-engage with their customers with the help of personalized ads and reach out organically to gain more business out of it.

However, the fact that is worth mentioning here is that the user must agree to Facebook's data policy before linking the Facebook account to the shopping one. And as far as we know or have read about Facebook's reputation regarding data handling, this might put users' information at risk.

Nevertheless, brands that are planning to be a part of this program with Facebook should also revisit their own policies to make sure that any kind of data that comes through the platform should definitely comply with their own privacy regulations.

For now, Facebook hasn't announced an official date for rolling out with the program broadly, the company is more focused to first test the value that the program might bring from brands and advertisers, along with its business potential. So, if you're a business owner and got excited about it, you will have to wait a bit longer.

Facebook's New Program Will Let Users Link Their Brand Loyalty Accounts To Facebook App

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