Americans and their addiction with phones

How many times do you check your phone during the day?

Do you sleep with the phone by your side?

Does the phone notification bell interfere with your personal and professional life?

In most cases, the answer to all the above questions will be a ‘yes!’

As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted by Reviews, shows that approximately 75.4% of participants admit that they are addicted to their phone while 65.7% claim to sleep with their phone.

To our amusement, most of the surveyed participants like their phone a ‘tad’ bit more than their significant other and are even willing to swap quality time with their partners for their cell phones.

According to the survey:

· 57.4% of participants use their phone during dates

· 32.7% admit to spending more time on their phones, instead of their partner

· 45% will give up sex for over a year for their mobile devices

Unfortunately, cell phone addiction is so prevalent that even a small population of parents are somewhat neglecting their children for ‘screen time.’

The habit is also creating a dangerous scenario for the users. The National Safety Council reports that 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the USA is caused by texting and driving. However, the love affair with cell phones is so intense that drivers are constantly found checking their phones while driving.

When queried the participants of the survey in this regard, around 48% admit to ‘sometimes’ checking their phone during driving and more than 7% said that they ‘always’ check their phone if the notification bell sounds even when they are on the road.

But are Americans aware of their addiction?

So do the phone users acknowledge their addiction? Do they know that they are overindulging in the virtual world and failing to look at the importance of real-life interaction in both – their personal and professional life? Are they aware that they are potentially putting their life to risk by using the phone during driving?

Yes, they are!

More than 56% of the participants are open about their phone addiction and agree that they are ‘somewhat’ overusing the technology. 65.6% of the surveyed individuals also say that they check their phone at least 160 times a day!

Smartphone Addiction Statistics - chart

Final thoughts!

Once upon a time, phones were merely a device used for communication purposes. But, with the advancements in technology, smartphones are now useful in uncountable ways. And as long as people continue to use it responsibly by limiting its usage during driving and interaction with the real world, there is no reason to ‘ban’ the innovative gadget. Is there?

Let us know your thoughts about the latest love affair people are having with their smartphone? Are you also guilty of one?

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