New Report Highlights the Importance of Online Shopping and Consumer’s Concerns with Mobile E-Commerce

According to the new report by Episerver, it was found that about 25% of consumers prefer to use their smartphones to search for products and services. The number of times they search this query varies; however, it was also identified that about 18% of users make a transaction through their smartphone multiple times a week.

About 4,000 respondents were there in the research, out of which 53% reported that the daily shop online through their smartphones. Along with it, 48% highlighted the fact that their reliance on online shopping has increased since the last year.

The survey also highlighted what consumers think about their privacy and the brand’s role in it. About 53% of consumers believed that they would want the retailers to keep them anonymous in 2020. Baby boomer consumers were on the top in this regard with 56% wanted retailers to respect the consumer’s online anonymity; however, 39% of Gen Z consumers thought that the brands should prioritize it.

Compared to 2019, how much of a priority should it be for brands and retailers to respect your anonymity online in 2020 - chart

Another report by BRP highlighted that 33% of shoppers make their purchase online through mobile devices. There have been other studies as well, for instance, RetailMeNot’s research highlighted that 69% of in-store shoppers read product reviews online through their mobile devices instead of asking a friend.

Another report Periscope by McKinsey found that 60% of consumers shop both online and offline equally.

The report also highlights the fact that the consumers want to enjoy the convenience of shopping through their phones, but they definitely does not want to give away their data considering how common mobile regulation and breaches have become.

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