Coronavirus Pandemic Could Delay Release of New Google Chrome Browser and OS Versions

It seems like the novel coronavirus will be affecting pretty much every single aspect of the world we are living in. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you are looking into, it seems likely that it will be impacted even if it is totally online. For example, for quite some time now people have been waiting for updates that would allow them to use newer versions of the Chrome web browser as well as the Chrome OS that they use on their Chromebooks.

You might think that these are things that really don’t need to be affected by the virus because of the fact that they are digital in every single way, but the truth of the situation is that due to the reason that a lot of Google employees are now working from home in order to stem the spread of the virus, it seems pretty likely that the updates and new versions are going to be delayed quite a bit. You should be careful if you were relying on these new versions in any way, shape or form because the continued rapid outbreak of the virus will mean that a lot more things might just end up getting delayed if things don’t end up getting better in a short period of time.

Google is prioritizing security updates instead so that the services they provide can remain stable for people. This is a good move because of the fact that we are living in a time of great uncertainty and the reliability of the browsers and operating systems we use can be crucial in helping people figure out how they can protect themselves from the virus as well as find out more information about the virus in general both of which are things that are very important indeed.

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Delay Release of New Google Chrome Browser and OS Versions

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