Strengthen Your Privacy With New Cookie Settings in Google Chrome

A cookie commonly tracks the activity on your device and web browser. The websites you visit create cookies they are remembered as your preferences.

As the tech world updating day by day Google Chrome has also taken extensive measures and have designed new cookie settings in its browser, which is currently available in Canary version. Canary is usually considered unstable.

The under-development feature is available on Android devices, which adds two extra options for cookie management.

You can activate the setting from this page chrome://flags by enabling the flag "Improved cookie control UI in incognito mode" in Chrome Canary's latest version.

When you activate the flag all the third party cookies are blocked in private system but you can also unblock or disable it by going into the Cookie Settings.

The cookies keep getting added whenever you use a website. But it is usually empty when in incognito mode but has its space for cookies. It also clears the cookies whenever you close the incognito window. The new setting also allows to block all the cookies but it is not a recommended, as it may interrupt some sites to work properly.

The current stable Chrome version gives you an option to block all third parties ones or add site exception, however, it has no separate option to block third party cookies in incognito tab.

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