You Can Now 'Report Content' Within Google Discover

Have you ever wished to get full control of Discover by Google? Then the company has just made that possible first by a ‘Report Content’ option for anything that you can justify with a reason and then even by letting you hide stories or publications from now onwards.

Google wants to give users the liberty to narrow down their research according to what interests them the most. Hence for the similar purpose, you can now see a menu at the right corner of every Discovery article that will lead you to the options of how would you want to make your feed appear.

You can now always either choose “Hide this story” if you want to remove the card, “Don’t show stories from [websites]” to stop stories coming from certain publications and “Not interested in [interest]” to shorten the range of suggested topics.

Although there has always been a “Send Feeback” option in Discover but that till date was limited to reporting the general bugs or requesting for features if required.

The newly introduced “Report Content” option has come together with a flag icon. Clicking on ti shows up a screen with four mote options to choose from; Misleading or sensational, Violent or repulsive, Hateful or abusive, and other.

Nevertheless, the purpose of it looks to be completely different from legal removal requests which content owners used to make previously. This aims to make the overall Discover experience much more fine! So, once you have selected an option, the story will disappear from your screen with Google showing a “Thank You” notification and “Undo” button.

Google Discover’s Report content option is available on Google App’s 10.99 version or later and can also be found in the Search App and Discover Feed on the left side of Pixel Devices home screen.

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