Google updates Advanced Protection Program: Makes Play Protect default

We are vulnerable to security risks on the internet. However, tech companies are constantly at work as well to make the World Wide Web safer for its users.

To enhance the security measures further, Google announced a few new updates for its Advanced Protection Program. Through this protocol, the Android users can avail the most updated safeguards for their devices.

One of the most notable features announced by Google was enabling the Play Protect automatically. For those who are not aware, Play Protect is Android’s built-in malware protection that works in the background. However, Play Protect remains turned off until it is toggled by the users from Settings.

After the update, Play Protect will automatically be turned on and there will be no option to switch it off.

The second change we expect is the limitation on app downloads from sources other than the Play Store. There will be exceptions of course. For example, apps that are installed via the Android Debug Bridge will be marked as safe.

Here, it should be noted that the apps you already have installed on your device will not be analyzed or removed.

As of yet, these changes won’t affect the G Suite users. But Google claims that they already have sufficient protections in place via Endpoint Management. For all the other users of Android, the changes are being rolled out from today.

Google is also planning to bring malware protection updates for Chrome by the end of this year.

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