According to the survey, we all snoop into our partner’s phone at one time

Who would have thought that we will get to see research on such a topic? But here we are.

WhistleOut teamed up with Lux Insights to identify how much people respect the privacy of their partner.

According to the research, about 50% of Americans said that they have snooped into their partner’s mobile phones. When asked if it is okay to do so, 48% of women and 31% of men thought that snooping was okay. However, 31% of Americans believed that it was okay to snoop into your partner’s phone if you suspect something and 9% believed it was not such a big deal. But, about 60% of the overall population believed that snooping into one’s phone is never okay.

Nobody wants to invade your privacy if there is not a proper reason behind it. The major reason behind it is that they think that their partner is somehow cheating or hiding something from them.

From the data, 43% of people found that they had nothing to worry about after snooping into their partner’s phone. However, 34% found that their partner is flirting with another person, 25% found their partner is talking to their ex, 21% found them cheating, 20% found their partner was talking about them behind their back, and 10% found their partners on the dating apps.

When asked about what they check first in their partner’s phone, 78% first check the texts, whereas, 42% checked social media, 41% photos, 35% checked call history, 24% checked browser history, and 21% checked emails.

But, what happens after all of this snooping? 38% of couples got into fights that led to breaking up; however, 24% got into a small argument, 18% had an intense argument, and only 7% broke up. So, there is a 100% chance of a fight or break up, but only 38% found themselves in a struggling phase.

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