Most Americans Still Trust Tech Companies With Their Personal Information - Survey Proves

So, the time came when a major publication like The Verge came out with its tech survey and that too at a time when the election hype is just around the corner. There has been a widespread connotation that tech platforms had played a major role in influencing the results of 2016 US Presidential election. Some Americans felt scared of the vast reach that social media companies hold.

But surprisingly the result of the survey showed us that people, still trust tech companies with their personal information.

The survey started with increasing skepticism of the public for Facebook but in the end, they still agreed that a lot of them would miss the company’s products if the social media giant is gone today. On the other hand, Amazon is rapidly becoming the most popular among the American people.

However, with all the positives, there have been some negatives as well. The Americans believed that the tech companies have a lot of power and hence it is important that something should be done to split them up into parts.
  • 56 percent of the respondents said that it’s time to break up tech companies if they are controlling much of the economy
  • 72 percent were blunt in their opinion that Facebook holds too much power
  • 51 percent gave the idea that YouTube and Google should be split up into two
There are multiple investigations already underway regarding the operations of the tech giants on state and federal levels both. There is also a good chance of more regulation if Democrats win the election and therefore these internet companies might just have to pay attention to the rise of anti-tech sentiments.

Furthermore, Americans believe that Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and YouTube are still, on the whole, are having a positive impact on society whereas Twitter, Slack, Instagram, and Facebook) are just ruining the environment.

Microsoft led companies remain on top when it comes to the matter of trust as 75 percent tend to like them, Amazon falls at the second spot with 73 percent and then comes Facebook with a significant drop to 41 percent of respondents trusting them with the information.

1,123 people took part in the survey and the sample error has been ± 3 percent at a 95 percent level of confidence.

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