Millions of Dollars Are Wasted In America Due To Fake Reviews: Report

American, on average, wasted around $125 in 2019 while shopping based on fake reviews revealed a report. Overall, in 2019, $25 billion were wasted by US adult consumers due to inaccurate reviews on online platforms.

As per the report, consumers were doubtful, as they trusted the reviews available online but were also highly uncertain about the quality and reliability of the product.

A study was carried out by UK-based research firm, Canvas8, and commissioned by TrustPilot, a review platform. Around 6,300 adult internet users, belonging to the US, UK and France, were surveyed in December last year about their reliability on reviews.

The study showed that 48 percent of the US consumers now trust reviews more than they used to two years ago. Before buying anything, 89 percent of people globally and 90 percent in the US usually check reviews online.

When it comes to the perception of people about fake reviews, almost half, 49 percent, consumers think that companies create fake reviews online. These consumers are concerned about the fake reviews that can persuade to waste money on low-quality products, thus leading to $125 per adult consumer.

The respondents did not completely trust the five-star reviews as they doubted manipulation in it. The trust was rather shown towards the reviews that had a critical aspect as well instead of being all good.

Almost 55 percent of the respondents said they would prefer buying a product that has lots of reviews and an excellent rating with a small number. The 16 percent of the respondents said they consider 5 start reviews totally fake, whereas 56 percent said they trust five-star products but would search more about it before buying it.

Five-star reviews are not trusted by all, and in total 72 percent of consumers are either partially credible or not credible by any means.

Another study by BrightLocal in December 2019 showed that 70 percent of the people visit more than one site to check reviews and keep safe from inaccurate reviews.

According to 67 percent of the respondents, they would rather go for a company that will compensate for a mistake on time rather than a company that has not made a mistake ever.

Many businesses, especially small business focus on having five-star reviews which give an unnatural feel. Mixed reviews, along with a hint of critical reviews are trusted more than all-good reviews. Also, marketers should focus on a number of reviews sites as consumers check multiple sites before making a purchase.

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