Is It OK to Lie on the Resume?

A resume or a curriculum vitae is a detailed document highlighting a person’s educational, professional, and personal achievements. It is a pre-requisite in most job applications and allows the potential employers to have a quick view of the prospective employees before proceeding further with the job recruitment process.

In most cases, the job applicants are truthful in their CV’s. And they have to – as a majority of the employers verify education and previous job experiences before hiring a candidate. However, some people do ‘fib’ a little about their accomplishments without any fear of getting caught.

In this regard, Zippia conducted a survey where they asked 1,000 participants if they have ever lied on their resume. Interestingly, a majority of the respondents said that they were dishonest on their resume.

But did they get caught? Were there any negative consequences that impacted their current and future job prospects?

When asked the survey participants the same question, 79% of the respondents who did exaggerate on their resume said that they never got caught and passed the recruitment process gracefully. However, 14% of the participants were exposed to lying on their resumes. But guess what? They claim that nothing ‘negative’ happened due to their lying.

Unfortunately, 7% of the respondents who got caught for cheating also faced negative consequences.

A little dishonesty to land a job may not hurt anyone but in the long-run, cheating and lying on a resume is a misleading act and can impact a person’s career permanently. Although, a majority of ‘inaccuracy’ on the surveyed participants resume went unnoticed, it is always a good idea to use honesty as the best policy and stick to accurate data when curating the CV.

After all, no one would want to hire a liar! Would they?

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