TikTok, Apple Search Ads lead the ROI for digital ad spending

A recent ROI report by Singular shows that the new social video app TikTok is considerably growing as a beneficial ad platform for app developers. This is mainly due to the app’s massive fan following. In fact, TikTok is extremely popular with Generation Z and saw around 738 million downloads last year.

The short-video creating app is also working on ways to enhance its customer base. In this regard, they have introduced the self-service advertising platform that is on par with other rival social media channels like Facebook.

The research by Singular also highlights the significance of Apple Search Ads. According to their report, these ads reach the iPhone users at the time they are downloading apps – and thus it helps enhance Apple’s sales.

An analyst at JP Morgan estimates Apple’s ad revenue to ‘fivefold’ by 2025 and reach around $11 billion. Researchers also predict iPhone owners to see a boost in revenue, especially after the introduction of Apple TV+ last year.

Nevertheless, TikTok’s appearing in the ROI ranking is quite interesting as TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has invested heavily on other social media platforms to promote TikTok during its infancy stage. It also ran ads on Google to target internet users who searched for information about advertising on social media networks.

ByteDance is a private entity and as of yet, has not revealed any information about its revenue from ads. However, a Chinese consulting firm R3 predicts that its share of digital ad spending in China reached 23% during the first half of last year. This makes ByteDance the second-biggest ‘earning’ platform from digital ads in the country. The first position is held by the multinational conglomerate Alibaba.

Although it is not mentioned in Singular’s report, Amazon’s advertising sales have also seen a significant jump of 41% during the holiday quarter.

TikTok, Apple Search Ads lead the ROI for digital ad spending

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