Snapchat takes the Mental Health Awareness Initiative

If you use Snapchat then you are going to love it more, thanks to the recent mental awareness initiative taken by the app by introducing a ‘Here for You’ feature on their app.

The tool will help users to get their hands on the mental health resources in no time that can assist them in need. The new tool will help the young Snapchatters to get rid of certain mental health problems.

The new feature is somewhat like Pinterest’s mental health approach, but it mostly recommends self-help exercises and resources to assist the person. On the other hand, Snapchat will help users to get help from the real content to deal with their problems.

For instance, users only have to search for a relative term in the Search bar at Snapchat that will start showing the episodes and other relative content to deal with the specific problem.

We all know how big internet is today and a lot can be resolved if social networks play their role in the right manner. We see a huge number of young internet users, which is why introducing such small features can actually put a very big impact on their mental health.

The new tool by Snapchat is expected to roll out next month for users, until then all we have to do is wait!

On the other hand Snapchat is also experimenting a redesign to make some feature more prominent.

Snapchat takes the Mental Health Awareness Initiative

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Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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