Facebook to Go Ahead With Massive Satellite Launch Plan

Facebook has been really growing at an immeasurably rapid pace, and as with most tech companies the social media platform has started looking into options that would undoubtedly lead to even more expansion. Much like what Jeff Bezos of Amazon has been thinking about doing, Facebook has started to look into moving into space as well, although their intentions for doing so are decidedly different than what the Amazon CEO might be looking into since his goals are to fund actual space travel and possibly to start to colonize space as well in a really big way.

Facebook, on the other hand, is looking to launch satellites that would make it so that the whole world would be able to use the internet that these satellites would be transmitting. This would be a huge level up in terms of the way that we are able to connect with one another, so much so that it could prove to be quite the game changer in ways that no one else would have seen coming. Facebook has had this plan for several years now, but as you can probably imagine planning to go to space is not quite as easy as all that and there are a lot of regulations that need to be followed as well as permissions that need to be obtained.

In order to be able to start launching the satellites that would end up fulfilling Facebook’s grand vision, the social media platform had to get permission from the Federal Communications Commission which handles such affairs in the United States. In spite of numerous delays that were associated with a wide variety of logistical issues, Facebook has successfully managed to file the requisite paperwork with the FCC which seems to indicate that the company is finally going to be able to start work in earnest on its first satellite launch, as reported by Businessinsider.

One thing that is definitely going to surprise you is the fact that the satellite launch might just end up happening a lot sooner than you think, and all sources seem to indicate that if all goes according to Facebook’s plan, this means that the platform might just end up launching the satellite by March of 2020 which is just a month away!

This would be an extremely exciting moment in human history but at the same time would really change the way we look at these tech companies and what they are capable of. This launch of Facebook’s first satellite, which is called Athena, would also vastly increase the social media platform’s power in the world, as the company would become responsible for communications in many major parts of the world all in all.

It should be noted that the first launch is not quite going to be indicative of the future services provided by these satellites. Instead, Athena is more of a test launch so that future launches can go a lot more smoothly, and when it comes to this the hype surrounding the launch would undoubtedly be much higher. Still this launch is quite important and will prove to be an indicator of the direction that 2020 might just end up being headed in all in all.

Photo: JasonDoiy via Getty Images

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