Instagram Streamline Removing Followers

Social media is a place where you interact with a lot of different people, but more often than not it tends to happen that when you spend a lot of time on the platform eventually someone or the other is going to drift away from you, or in some other way they would no longer be a part of your real life and as a result of this fact you would potentially want to remove them from your online life as well.

Instagram accounts tend to be a lot more cloistered than your average Twitter account which means that these accounts are more often than not locked so that only your followers would be able to see your posts and at the same time this means that you would have the option of approving people before they are allowed to follow you. Hence, removing someone from your follower’s list is a good way to help make it possible to maintain distance from them or at the very least make it easier to prevent them from seeing what is going on in your life at this current point in time.

The only way to remove someone from your followers is to go to that list, find them and then select that option. You could alternatively block someone and then unblock them, at which point you would no longer have them following you. These two methods are rather time consuming and inefficient, and in light of this Instagram is testing a new feature on Android devices that would allow you to go directly to someone’s profile and subsequently remove them from your followers, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong. This will make the process much easier to deal with, something that is important if the social media platform wants to give people a little more control over the kind of experience they have on the platform itself at the end of the day.

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