Facebook’s Internal Data Shows the Rise of Messaging as a Business Tool [infographic]

A number of different platforms have created their very own messaging apps, and since these platforms have become bases of operations for businesses that can’t really afford a website of their own right now it was only a matter of time before these two worlds met and people started messaging businesses directly. In fact, Facebook recently published some data that indicates that messaging has become the preferred way for people to contact businesses that they are thinking of working with, with 64% of users saying that they preferred messaging a business to calling them.

At this rate billions of messages have been exchanged between buyers and businesses, making messaging perhaps one of the most important tools that a business might have at its disposal.

According to Facebook's internal data: 100 billion messages are exchanged on Facebook’s products (including Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram) each day.

Facebook correctly predicted this but made a misstep with the bots that they started offering businesses, bots that would message people that are contacting a business on behalf of said business. These bots proved to be quite unpopular, which indicates that users are looking for a more human oriented messaging experience although the prevalence of text based messaging is something that no one would be able to deny.

It’s just easier for the active user to be able to message a business rather than being forced to call them, and the more users utilize this feature the more likely it would be that it would end up giving users what they want. It is also more cost effective for businesses to contact users through messaging since it requires less manpower, and travel in particular is one sector where messaging has become the method of choice. Hence, investing in messaging as part of customer support is something every business should be doing, and there definitely needs to be some kind of diversification when it comes to the services that are available.

Take a look at this infographic for more insights on "why engage in conversational commerce":

Commerce in the era of conversation - infographic

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Featured photo: AP
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