Instagram CEO Reveals Shocking Secret About the Platform

Recently Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri decided to hold an AMA (ask me anything) on his social media, and he did this by responding to user queries via the Stories feature on his personal profile. The main reason for him doing this probably had something to do with the fact that he wanted to give users the impression that he genuinely wanted to dispel any misconceptions that Instagrammers would have about the platform, but in doing so he ended up revealing a rather shocking secret that changes the way most users would think about the platform.

This secret is that not everyone out there that has an Instagram account has to suffer through the numerous ads that most users have to look at. This is obviously something that every user would want, but according to Mosseri it seems that only a very small group of users get this privilege, and Instagram apparently does this so that it can gauge the kind of impact that this kind of usage would have on their own platform, although what information they could possibly get out of this seems rather dubious so perhaps a bit more explanation would be required in this regard.

One thing that a lot of people are obviously going to be concerned about is whether or not this means that Instagram employees can use the platform without ads, something that would represent an unfair dynamic within the platform. However, this revelation came about when an apparently random user, ostensibly not employed by the platform, asked why they never saw any ads while they were using Instagram. Still, just because some non Instagram employees out there don’t see ads doesn’t mean that this list doesn’t favor people that work at the company, and a lot of users are understandably dismayed that a random group of users get this privilege while they don’t.

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