Instagram Will Soon Bring Video Trimming Tool For Stories and A Separate Support Request Section

Can you trust Instagram for making the user experience great all the time? Well, the answer would most probably be yes because as the company is owned by the social media giant Facebook, the developments tend to go one step further all the time.

Continuing with the innovation, Instagram this time aims to make life easier for people who love to put Stories in the form of creative short videos. Hence as per the latest changes, users will now also get the video trimming option to cut where required.

First revealed by Jane Manchun Wong, the video trimming tool can be easily accessed within the Stories window. It has been a feature that was not only long due but can also save a lot of time for creators who had to do it manually prior to its introduction.

Photo courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

While Instagram wants to make creating Stories even more fun for its users, one of Jane’s followers passed an interesting remark about Instagram deciding to include the trimmer, stating that the platform is trying to become more and more like TikTok.

However, if we look at the brighter side, this subtle imitation is leading great engagement for Instagram as looking at the benefit of the new tool, it can turn out to be so useful for all the Insta-freaks and yet don’t get the chance to record a perfect clip at one go. Previously they had to compromise on the unnecessary part, but with the trimming option, they can make their videos much more effective and engaging now.

Moreover, that’s not the only news coming from Instagram’s headquarter as within a span of just few hours there was another screenshot shared by Jane which shows that Instagram is also planning to launch in-app Support Requests to let users manage and see the results of content/profiles that they report on and off.

Screenshot: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

Lately, Instagram has been becoming more strict about the content policies along with its parent company, Facebook. Therefore, the Support Request section serves to be one more sign that the company not only takes reports seriously but wants you to be completely informed about the results of what offended you or if you have posted something that stands unacceptable.

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