Instagram Is Reportedly Working on a Dark Mode for Web Users!

If there’s one social media service that truly understands its audience, it is Instagram for sure! The Facebook-owned media sharing service has been on a roll over the last few years, when it comes to introducing cool features and updates. And it looks like Instagram has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

Yes, that’s right, Instagram is reportedly working on an acclaimed mode for Web, a mode that has proven to be a hit among social media users.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase now… renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted about Instagram working on Dark Mode for Web. She mentioned that the concerned mode appears to be functional for both desktop and mobile.

Wong also attached a couple of screenshots with her tweet, that helps us in discerning more details about the new development. For starters, the bio and text will still be in the dark gray shade. Moreover, the sound of “Dark Reader” has already made many Instagram users excited for what’s about to come!

Instagram is working on Dark Mode for Web (seeming on both desktop and mobile)

It remains to be seen if the Dark Mode for Web witnesses a general release in the coming weeks or remains in the testing phase for months to come. You are encouraged to check whether you can enable the said mode now. Stay tuned for further updates!

Similarly, along with dark mode Instagram is also testing a blurred backdrop for Direct Message composer and a feature that'll allow users to choose who can mention them on Instagram, if launched these additions will indeed make user experience even more better.

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