Google Chrome will soon put an end to disruptive ads during video content

Internet users are often bombarded with a plethora of advertisements that usually (if not always) hamper their online experience. Of course, there are some developers who put in an effort to balance the number of ads that are shown alongside their content but plenty don’t care – forcing the visitors to use an ad blocker for seamless internet browsing.

For the benefit of its users, Google integrated a built-in ad blocker on its Chrome browser in 2018. Through this tool, the web developers were forced to comply with the ‘ad regulations’ or have their ads blocked automatically by the browser.

And now, Google is also extending the feature to videos.

According to Google, the group affiliated with Better Ads Standards have issued a new set of rules for ads that come up during video content. The results were based on a survey from 45,000 consumers worldwide who said that they find ‘non-skippable’ ads that come before a video disruptive.

The group of internet users also agreed that ads appear during the mid of videos interrupt their experience. Images or text-based ads that appear while the video is playing and cover more than 20% of the video content can also be annoying for the users.

The Coalition for Better Ads has given website owners the next four months to stop using any of the above-mentioned ads in their video content. The website owners who fail to abide by the rules will have to risk losing their advertising altogether.

Chrome is also enforcing the same policies from August 5th 2020 and will stop showing ads on the specific sites if disruptive ads continue to appear in any country.

Interestingly, the Coalition for Better Ads has issued a special warning for Google-owned YouTube.

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