Google Images Will No Longer Show Dimensions In The Main Results

Last August, we saw Google making the move of adding a side panel for results and allowing users the option of shopping through the Images as well. Continuing with the subtle changes again, Google first removed the feature to filter results by sizes and now users will also not be able to see dimensions upon hovering over the images on the main results page.

Getting to know the size of the image by hovering over to the bottom left corner has been an easier way to find out the photo right of your choice. By now, it had even eliminated the need of using Tools and refining images for the correct size for many of the non-technical users.

But unfortunately, later this week, knowing the dimension of every picture won’t remain that easy as Google will remove the feature from the desktop search result page. The company is planning to use that space for identifying and labeling images by product, recipe, or video. One simple click on the tags (as shown in the screenshot) will direct you to the link of the image. Moreover, in the upcoming beta, you will also get to see Google marking images if they are licensable and the metadata is given by the owner.

This change by Google has been brought up to provide more immediate information to people about the kind of content they are seeing and further decide on what action they want to take - whether watching the full cooking video or exploring the whole store for shopping.

All being said, users will still be able to see dimensions of the images but for that, they will have to do the extra effort of clicking onto the picture for a larger preview in the side panel.

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  1. That's annoying, LOL. Why do they keep erasing useful functionality. If someone is searching for images they often want specific dimensions

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