WhatsApp for Desktop Might Finally be Getting a Dark Mode

Every app started working on a dark mode either last year or the year before that if they were quite far ahead of everyone else involved. In spite of this, people often find that dark modes are not as prevalent as they would like, and this can be particularly seen in the case of WhatsApp. The world’s most popular messaging platform hasn’t really offered a good quality dark mode to users, although Android users did find that the beta channel for their app offered a dark mode that might just end up getting a wider rollout any day now.

The desktop version of the messaging app did not have any such feature however, and as a result of this fact a lot of people started wondering whether they would ever be able to get a dark mode that they could use on this particular version of the app all in all. It turns out that dark mode for WhatsApp’s desktop version could be coming in pretty soon if the code that is used to govern the app is anything to go by.

In fact, it’s the person that offered a solution for people craving a darkmode, a developer by the name of M4heshd who is also a member of XDA, spotted the code, also confirmed by Wabetainfo, that might indicate a dark mode coming in. M4heshd is responsible for creating a customized theme that users can utilize in order to get dark mode before the official release ends up happening, and it turns out that this stopgap solution might just end up becoming obsolete because of the fact that the official version might just be coming in soon.

Certain indications seem to make it seem that the dark mode would be a hidden feature, although given the immense popularity of features like this it would be tough to understand why WhatsApp would do that.

Screenshot: WABI

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