Google Tests Out Larger Images in More Spaced Out Search Results

It’s important that a tech company never let itself get complacent and rest on its laurels otherwise an alternative is going to arise that would most certainly end up creating all kinds of changes that would entice people into observing other ways that they can optimize for a better user experience by opting for a competitor of the service that they had been using up until this point in time.

Google is well aware of the dangers of complacence which is why the search giant often looks into newer and better ways in which it can offer the kind of experience that users are definitely going to be looking into. An example of this can be seen in the new images search results that Google is experimenting with, as spotted by Christian Oliveira. For the most part these search results are going to be quite interesting because they will feature some really large images (just like Facebook news feed thumbnails), something that will result in a far better visual experience.

The only problem is that images that are this big might just end up resulting in a results feed that is cramped, one that would be difficult to navigate. This is why Google is experimenting with a more spacious layout as well, one that can handle images of this size whilst also giving users a visual experience that is not quite so cluttered as any alternatives would have forced them to contend with.

Some users are concerned that these changes might just result in slower loading times which would be a nuisance, but the presence of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is probably going to make it less likely that anything like this would end up being too much of an issue. Focusing on better quality search results is a priority for Google, and these potential changes give us a glimpse at the direction the platform might take in the future.

Google is experimenting with larger images in Search Results

Screenshot: Twitter / Christian_Wild

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