There’s a change in Google Images search filter that some might miss it's gone

Google is one of the largest search engines that provide users the ability to search for any content without worrying about anything at all.

Google offers its users a variety of filter to search on the platform, there are separate categories to search for videos, images or textual content. Google brings ease to its users by providing a huge variety of filters to each category to help narrow it down to the most related content for users.

Google Images recently gone under some changes

Recently, Google Images quietly removed its exact size search filter, maybe you didn’t notice but we did. The search category of Google Images is one of the most popular ways used by people to find related pictures on the web. Lately, Google modified its filters; one change that was noticed by several internet users was the removal of a search filter that enabled users to find the images of their required exact sizes.

In Google Images, the toolbar has several filters which include size, usage rights, image type, color, and also the exact time it was uploaded. These filters were introduced by Google to help users narrow their search to find the exact image according to their requirements.

Within the past few days, Google quietly removed the option to filter images search with exact picture size or by minimum resolution required. We’ve seen these options in Google Images for years so it's quite shocking for us to see them gone without even a warning.

Bottom Line

We are not sure about the reason behind this removal by Google but it seems to be widely spread. We think maybe Google is coming up with some new related search filters to replace this feature but we are not so sure about it.

Although Google removed the exact size search filter but there’s still a way to use a similar filter by heading to Google Advanced Image Search, with this feature you can easily filter image sizes larger than your required megapixel counts. Although this filter might help you find the images with your required resolutions but we will miss the ability to filter images by exact size quickly. Despite the removal of this filter by Google, Microsoft’s Bing is still offering the exact size filters for its image search. Some of you might not know about this functionality but it was a very helpful tool for people looking for suitable wallpapers or images with specified resolution. This filter was not so much widely used by people but so many users are going to miss this functionality.

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