Game streamers can now ban criticism in their chat, courtesy Facebook's new deal

Online video game streaming is on the rise, and it doesn't seem to slow down. Popular social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow gamers to do live streaming, and recently Facebook also jumped into this business.

And since Facebook has millions of active users, its recent contract with Fair Play Alliance can now allow Game streamers to make some special rules.

All the streaming platforms provide a chatbox that enables viewers to comment on the live stream and talk to each other.

The new deal of Facebook will let streamers have better control of conversations that happen in their chat rooms.

Although the gaming communities are very passionate, the chatbox conversations can sometimes get toxic if left unchecked and that where chat-monitoring AIs and community-wide rules come in handy.

And now Facebook is allowing its streamers to set some new extra rules, that could help the chatbox conversations to go smoothly within a kind tone.

The new rules are on top of the Community Standards, which also allow the streamers to ban the criticism in the chatbox.

The Game streamers will have eight preset rules, however, only a few of them has access to the toolkit at the moment.

The new rules will include an option of real-time comment removal, and also the access to mods to see the comment that broke the law and ended getting removed. The streamers are to reported to get a moderator dashboard as well that will ease the process of managing their community chat.

The company says that it will add more rules to the preset once they start getting positive feedback.

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