Facebook just published its 2019 performance report, The social network boasts 1.66 Billion Daily Active Users

According to the Q4 2019 performance of Facebook, the social media giant added more than 34 million daily active users (DAU) making a total of 1.66 billion DAU for the period.

In the North American market, Facebook added more than million more users where it is generating a majority of its revenue and along with that, once again Asia-pacific market is showing an immense growth in the users by adding around 14 million more daily active users.

The markets of the US and Canada are jointly giving more than 190 million active users to Facebook whereas Europe has more than 294 million daily active users and Asia-pacific is the market that is helping Facebook with the most revenue through its 641 million daily active users.

According to the insight on Facebook growth by the released Q4 2019 of Facebook, in order to boost the earnings of Facebook the company needs to increase its revenue per user in regions outside the US.

Facebook achieved a new milestone in getting more than 2.49 billion monthly active users (MAU).

This milestone of approximately 2.5 billion MAU was led by the Asia Pacific region where Facebook is reaching new markets and even though it will take some time for Facebook to convert its new users into lucrative targets for advertisers but with new features like of Facebook Pay in India and Indonesia Facebook is already building a major business eco-system on its platform.

According to the Q4 2019 report, Asia-pacific is again on top in terms of helping Facebook with the highest market of more than 1,038 million monthly active users whereas Europe has 394 million monthly active users and in the Q4 2019 US and Canada are giving around 248 million monthly active users to Facebook.

This time, Facebook also provided some insight into the usage of its Family of apps combined with its usage data of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The family metrics presented by Facebook displays its rough estimate of people using one or more products of Facebook including Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp collectively known as Family of products. Any person who is registered or logged in to any of one or more Family products of Facebook and visited at least on the products is considered as a Daily Active People (DAP).

According to the Family Daily Active People chart provided by Facebook, the platform is now serving more than 2.26 billion active people on a daily basis which is a great deal of reach if compared to other social networking platform.

Along with providing insight on Daily Active People of the Family apps, Facebook also provided a usage chart of the monthly Family apps. The Q4 2019 performance chart of Facebook revealed that the social network gained around 2.89 billion monthly active users of the Family app at the end of 2019.

Facebook also boasted a $8.52 average revenue per user (ARPU) globally.

If you want some insight on the revenue of Facebook, the results of Q4 reveal that Facebook generated a total of $21 billion revenue through its Family apps and around $20 billion revenue was generated through advertising whereas only 41 billion was generated through other tools and this result revealed that the platform saw an increase of 25% in its this year’s revenue.

Along with an increase in revenue and users, there’s also an increase of 51% in the costs and expenses of the social giant as the social platform is making various efforts to clean up its platform and improve the content displayed on the platform.

The CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the earning call explained that, despite being the one to like the button just wanted to be understood by people for his doings and not liked for it.

During the fourth-quarter earnings call of the platform, Zuckerberg also stated his plans to change his tone and use this new approach to address the critics of the company as in the past the platform failed to communicate and share their views with its critics but not anymore.

This change of tone approach revealed by the CEO comes at the same time when the platform is accused of violating user privacy and involving the scandals of political ads so despite having a lot of people agreeing with the principles of the platform there are still so many people against it as well and now the only goal of the platform is to be understood by people as being like is just not enough.

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