Facebook now has a new option of ‘clear history’ available for its users but it doesn’t work the way you might think

We all have seen the evolution on the internet from using a card to dial-up for an internet connection to Wi-Fi and 4G devices being used for internet connections.

Nowadays, people rely way more on smartphone and social media platforms for almost all of the major tasks varying from looking for trending clothes to looking for potential customers for your new business.

Social media platforms provide a variety of opportunities for its users but along with that one of the major cons that users feel is their personal data being shared with various apps and websites without their knowledge.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has finally launched its ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ tool aimed to help users to manage their personal data. This new tool also enables users to delete their data from third-party apps and websites that share their information with Facebook.

Originally this tool was announced back in 2018 and named as the ‘Clear History’ button when Facebook was accused of sharing personal information of millions of Americans with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

If you want to see the total amount of your personal data being shared with Facebook here’s some insight on how to do it: Simply visit on your browser facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/activity_list, or alternatively go to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity. These steps will help you manage the information from individual apps and sites.

We counted the apps and websites that were sending data about us back to Facebook and it turned out to be a few hundreds ranging from local newspapers to online tools and after having a list of so many apps and services, it felt as if most of the websites a user is visiting or signing up probably end up sharing that data with Facebook.

Well, after pressing the button to remove all the data from our accounts it turned out that the clear history button is actually misleading as Facebook, in reality, doesn’t delete any data from the third-party apps but instead, it just de-links the data of the app from its own user data.

After using the clear history button it pretty much cleared our concept about its workings as this button doesn’t even stop the third-parties from sharing user data with Facebook in the future as well and if you want to completely end sharing of your personal information via such third-party apps you need to go to a different section in the Facebook account settings of your profile.

To be honest, it’s not just us but every user of the Facebook feel uncomfortable to see their personal history data being shared to Facebook and this type of user tracking isn’t something new Facebook is doing as this type of technology is being used by all the advertising firms to track down their potential consumers.

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