Google App Tests More AMOLED Friendly Dark Mode

One of the biggest trends that a wide variety of tech companies and social media platforms started to get in on last year as well as the year before that has been dark mode. It seems like pretty much everyone that was using a certain app wanted some kind of dark mode for it, and that is a big part of the reason why there are so many different versions of it out there all of which are proving to be even more useful than the last one that has been released.

The Google app dark mode that users got has been a little controversial and the reason for this is that rather than going for a black background the app decided to go for a grey aesthetic. This has prompted a lot of users to comment on the fact that grey light is still fairly bright and therefore does not have the intended effect that dark mode is ideally supposed to offer.

Another common complaint was that the dark color didn’t work all that well on AMOLED screens. If you were using a phone that had some kind of an AMOLED screen this meant that you would end up seeing more light than you wanted, with only a pure black screen fulfilling the requirements that people had for the kind of mode that we were looking into right now.

This has prompted Google to start testing out a darker shade for their dark mode on the app version of their platform, as reported by AndroidPolice. This is the sort of feature that will undoubtedly make Google App users a lot more excited to check out the various new things that the app has to offer, and the new dark mode will undoubtedly broaden the apps appeal as well.

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