How The Content Oversight Board Will Function? Facebook Revealed It

Facebook’s oversight board member will be revealed in the next few months and the board will be functional soon, says the company.

Thomas Hughes, a digital rights advocate and the British human rights group article 19’s former executive director, will be the director of the oversight board administration. The other board members and staff are expected to be introduced in the coming months.

According to Brent Harris, head of governance and global affairs of Facebook, there are a few dozen candidates for board members and reportedly there will be 40 members in total. These members will have different backgrounds and different opinions about the platform.

Some of the content on Facebook and Instagram is considered problematic, the board will make decisions regarding it and will have the power to exercise authority over the decisions by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. In summers, the cases will be the first analyzed.

Initially, individual content that has been taken down from the platform will be presented before the board in two ways. Firstly, if anyone wants Facebook to reconsider their decision of taking down the content, they will have to submit an appeal o board in 15 days. Secondly, the company itself will refer to cases that might be complicated.

Later, the content that was not taken down from the platform will also be reviewed by the board and it'll decide whether Facebook took the right decision or the content should be removed from the platform. All decisions by the board might not be accepted by the company if they are against the local laws or are against the privacy policies of the platform.

All cases will be appraised within 90 days, said Facebook. However, some of the cases that need to be executed in the real-world will be looked into through a speed-up mechanism.

The decision by the board might result in various policy changes in the platform. First, the recommended changes will be analyzed and their feasibility will be checked before implementing. There could be some minor changes whereas as well as some complex changes, said the company.

Facebook sheds more light on How The Content Oversight Board Will Work
Photo: Johanna Geron/Reuters

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