Facebook Welcomes Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston to the Board

Recently, Susan Desmond-Hellman left Facebook’s Board and to fill the spot, Zuckerberg’s pal Houston has put his foot down. Facebook’s shareholders have repeatedly requested the board to remove Zuckerberg as the Chairman of the company, but the board has never paid heed to the investors’ requests.

Desmond-Hellman was an independent director of Facebook and even though Houston is now a board member, but still Hellman’s place seems to be empty.

Zuckerberg and Houston have been friends for about 8 years and we have repeatedly seen their photos circulating on the internet from different parties, events and sometimes car rides.

Houston has always appreciated Zuckerberg by calling him his mentor and giving him credit for learning too much about the business and its operations.

Houston is an accomplished technologist who is getting a degree in computer science from MIT where he came up with the idea of Dropbox. Although Dropbox is far away from scrutiny, Facebook seems to stick on the hook of breaching privacy and sacrificing the security of the users on its platform.

Zuckerberg has always accepted the blame for not taking appropriate measures to provide safety to the users on the platform, which is why the company faces severe challenges from the government authorities, but still the share price of Facebook remains high.

Some big names are still present in the board list of Facebook, however, the board is still in need of an independent board director who can act accordingly without any skepticism and biases.

Zuckerberg and his friends believe in using technology to improve lives, but what about its effect on the people by bringing them so close along with the exploitation of wealth and power. An independent director will focus on the consequences of technology rather than just focusing on the good part of it.

Photo: Ramsey Cardy/SPORTSFILE / Getty Images

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