Android Developers Have Earned $80 Billion so far from the Google Play Store

Developers are mainly responsible for the success or the failure of any digital platform in the modern era. There used to be a WebOS for all Android. It depends on companies whether they make it easier to develop for their platforms or hard, but in the end, it depends on developers to bring customers to the platform.

Talking about developers, Google recently announced that developers from all over the world earned above $80 billion till date, through Google Play Store. Though it appears to be an impressive figure but in comparison to competitors, it might not be really huge.

Google senior vice president, Hiroshi Lockheimer shared the development on his Twitter profile, after the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced it in the earnings call of Google.

$80 billion itself sounds great that developers had a huge benefit from the platform, Play Store, by distributing their products and services. However, when the amount is compared with Apple, it will be simple to realize that Google still has a long way to go.
"Android continues to thrive. I’m proud to announce that over $80 billion has been earned by developers around the world from Google Play, showing the popularity of our platform. There are now over 2 billion active monthly users of Google Play.", boasted Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.
In 2018, iOS developers earned $100 billion, as announced by Apply on that year’s WWDC keynote. Last year again Apple was leading in developer payouts, and there was approximately an 80% difference in the Q1 2019 earnings of developers from Google Play Store and App Store.

The android developers are surely making money and earned an impressive amount of $80 billion dollars but Apple is still leading in this regard.

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