A New Manipulation Trick Is Roaming on Social Media That Tamper with Post, Likes and Comments

Cyber fraud and scam isn't a new thing on the internet, and this time a new form of it has been discovered — a deceptive way of editing social media posts.

A Research group based in Israel explains that social media users (particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) can become a victim of this cyber manipulation technique.

Bad actors basically take advantage of post editing feature on social network that gives them the opportunity to change the originally posted content, including its date and time after being posted.

This scam can manipulate users likes and comments, for example, liking a funny Facebook video and later finding out that you liked an offensive video or getting connected with something that relates to terrorism, without even being aware of it.

It can cause serious misunderstanding between friends and family who are unaware of this scam, as per the researcher Rami Puzis of Ben-Gurion University.

This scam which is known as “Chameleon”, is a result of the social media platform's weak posting mechanism that makes it possible to edit already posted content.

Even though Twitter usually doesn't let users change published content, this attack works by modifying users posts in a quite maliciously way without them being aware, at least for the moment, even on Twitter.

A spokesperson of Twitter on the Chameleon attack said that this problem isn't new, and it is still not as risky as the ability to tweet a URL that can take the user to any type of website that can change the content without warning.

Even though Twitter doesn't consider manipulated content as a dangerous issue for its platform, it can cause profile banned from Facebook and LinkedIn.

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