YouTube on Android Now Has Profile Cards

A common trend to see on YouTube over the past couple of years has involved a consistent shift towards a more social media kind of user experience. From the launch of YouTube Stories all the way to numerous other features that have been added into the platform to make using it seem like more of a traditional social media experience rather than purely for video streaming, YouTube has been trying to pick up the slack that Google+ left behind and try to give Google a social media app that people would actually want to use.

The latest feature that is going to be making YouTube a lot more like a form of social media involves profile cards. Basically now when you see a comment that you like on a video that you are watching, all you would have to do is tap on the profile picture of the person that left the comment and you would be shown a profile card that is basically meant to give you details and information about the owner of the account that you are currently interacting with all in all.

Some of the details that would be shown are user or creator name, display picture, number of subscribers, recent comments that they have left on videos and the like as well as what channels they are currently subscribed to. These are all things that can facilitate people connecting via YouTube, but one thing that you should note is that this feature is currently only available on the Android app. The web version as well as the iOS versions of the platform don’t currently have this feature, although it’s fair to say that they are probably going to end up getting updates quite soon since this is in line with the general direction that YouTube has been heading in for quite some time now.

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