Twitter CEO Says No Edit Button Any Time Soon

One feature that a majority of Twitter users want is an edit feature. This would basically make it possible for you to make changes to your tweet such as correct spelling errors, fix broken links and a few other things. Facebook made it possible to edit posts and comments a long time ago, and people have been editing comments on YouTube for quite some time now as well so it’s understandable that a lot of Twitter users are confused as to why they don’t have their very own edit button.

With the new year in full swing there are a lot of theories that this is the year where we would finally end up seeing an edit button on Twitter but company CEO Jack Dorsey said in an interview with Wired Magazine where he was answering questions from users that the company will not be looking at an edit button this year, and it appears that they have no plans on adding any kind of edit button anytime soon either, something that would definitely put a lot of rumors to rest and also probably upset a few users.

Dorsey’s reasoning behind the decision to not add an edit button has to do with a couple of different factors. Initially Twitter was a text messaging company and as they progressed into the realm of social media they wanted to continue to capture the feel of a text message which you cannot edit therefore making it obvious why the company wouldn’t want to make editing possible.

Nowadays however their reasoning is more practical. Basically they don’t want people tweeting something, having a lot of people retweet it and then editing the tweet to make it something completely different. Such pranks happen on Facebook and YouTube, and with tweets often getting a lot of traction the harm caused by an edited tweet could be quite massive.

In order to address some concerns Twitter is apparently considering giving you a minute long window to edit your tweet but since that would mean the tweet being published later it’s only just an idea at this point.

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