Personal Finance YouTuber, Andrei Jikh Quits Day Job, Earns $100k in One Year

By this point pretty much everyone knows that YouTube is the kind of place where you can earn a fair amount of money if you have good quality content and are looking to spread this content to as many people as possible. Most of the time this works out well but it can often backfire, however there are quite a few success stories that would give you a fair amount of hope if you are trying to break into the scene and are not quite sure where to go from here.

If you are looking for an inspirational success story, look no further than Andrei Jikh who has now spent a year on YouTube after quitting his day job and has managed to gain 334,000 subscribers and earn a whopping 100k dollars just from his ad revenue alone without any sponsorship deals whatsoever which is the kind of thing that can set your earning goals higher than before so much so that they would go through the roof all in all.

If you look at Jikh’s life, you would see that he lead quite a colorful one. The child of circus performers from Russia, Jikh moved to America at the age of 9, and this meant that he experienced life in Russia quite a bit as well. The reason that he got interested in personal finance is because of the fact that his parents were in a lot of debt, and this made him realize the importance of being frugal as well as practical with all of your expenses.

What’s surprising is that he didn’t work in the field of personal finance. Instead he worked at a startup that was trying to teach magic to people, another interesting job that definitely made his creative juices flow and prepared him for the video making part of YouTube in a way that nothing else could have possibly managed.

The real change came when Jikh decided to quit his day job, a very risky move. However, it is a move that he took very seriously indeed. He didn’t just randomly quit. Much on the contrary, he had saved up for years so that he would be able to live off of his savings and not rely on the ad money he would get from his videos. This sort of thing is important when you work on YouTube because of the fact that you are not going to get money immediately, so figuring out a way to make yourself financially stable from the get go should be a priority for you.

Overall, Jikh is a creator that focused on something he was passionate about that helped other people and he started YouTube when he had savings to invest in this venture. This is a good set of rules for anyone to follow if they are thinking about the kind of decisions they want to be making with regards to their career. Most of the time YouTube can pay off, but you can’t just start making random videos and assume you will get rich. It takes a lot of hard work, but it’s fair to say that this hard work is definitely worth it.

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