Google Search Desktop Results Redesigned – Added Favicons And Bold ‘Ad’ Label

In 2019, Google introduced some features for mobile search results that shows site favicon and domain name prominently as well as the ‘Ad’ label. Now, the company is bringing these features on desktop Search results as well.

The company recently announced the little changes in the Search results design. The site’s favicon and the domain will now appear above the page name. The aim is to focus on the branding of listed websites and blogs so that users know who is providing the information they are looking for.

The website link in the Search results now appears in black and the ‘Ad’ label is no longer green, instead Ad tag is now pitch black and bold.

Site icons are quite visible and let users easily scan the result page and choose their next move. It also aids in site branding, a guide is also available for webmasters on how to display favicon in organic listing.

On mobile devices the updated layout also highlights AMP stories icons.

These new changes in desktop web searches will be rolled out this week, according to Google SearchLiaison team.

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