YouTube Rolls Out Social Media Style Updates Meant for Creators

Since its inception, YouTube has become a staple of the video streaming community, and a big reason why this is the case has to do with the fact that most people that are using the platform on a regular basis use it specifically so that they would be able to make the most of the kind of content they are creating as well as the content that they are consuming since YouTube tends to have quite a wide selection of content all of which has the potential to really change the way we approach the way the platform tends to work all in all.

However, as of late YouTube has been making a few changes. While these changes are not necessarily major, they do indicate a slight shift in focus for the platform, a shift in focus that has a tendency to indicate that YouTube may be drawing from some of the more influential social media trends of the day.

While this is not affecting the underlying purpose of the site, it is definitely impacting the various ways in which users can interact with content, and for the most part the results of these changes have been more or less positive.

One example of a change that came to YouTube that drew from the world of social media had to do with the addition of Stories to the platform. While many wondered why a platform like YouTube would have Stories, there are actually several reasons why the feature came to the video streaming service, and for the most part these reasons are actually pretty understandable if you think about them.

For starters, Google did not own a single property that had a Stories feature in it, something that other big tech companies were getting in on. Secondly, a large number of YouTube creators already posted Stories on other platforms, so it made sense to give them a place to do something like this on YouTube.

YouTube Stories has actually been quite popular among creators on the platform, allowing them to connect with their subscribers and promote content that they have been working on. YouTube is now adding a new feature to the mix; a sticker.

This sticker is a little different from other stickers that platforms offer in that it allows the creator of the story to link their latest video in the sticker.

Creators – New sticker on Stories lets viewers add videos to their Watch Later playlist

Tapping on the sticker won’t take you to the video, however. Rather it will add the video to your Watch Later list, allowing users to bookmark videos that they might want to check out later while they are perusing the various stories that their subscribed channels have put up.

This isn’t the only update that is coming to YouTube. Another pretty significant update has to do with YouTube is that creators will now be able to tag/mention other creators in the titles and descriptions for their videos to notify others. One of the core tenets of YouTube has to do with collaboration, with most if not all creators working on several collaborations. Now they will be able to directly tag the person they have collaborated with instead of having to paste a link to the channel which is what these creators had to do before.

@mentions in YouTube video titles and descriptions

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