WhatsApp Experiments With Lasso Videos Integration

As we enter a whole new decade, it’s plain to see that the way the world of social media works has changed quite a bit. Facebook is no longer a young, upstart company, it is a well established player, without a doubt the single biggest platform in the world of social media. However, there are a bunch of new companies that have been making waves as well, and in the latter half of the previous decade it seems like TikTok is the company that managed to have the single biggest impact because it combined video making, memes as well as social media elements to make something that was a huge sensation.

Facebook is well known for trying to expand on every single front at the same time, and it is for this reason that the social media platform worked on Lasso, an app that basically does the same thing as TikTok, and both of these apps are clear descendants of Vine which made quite a huge splash before it ended up folding because of the fact that it was not really able to compete with the other platforms that the market has to offer even though it did attain some popularity.

While Instagram has had the short video feature for quite some time now, it still doesn’t really compete with TikTok because it is more of a traditional social media app where you share what you are doing and interact with people as opposed to make content and engage in meme culture. This is why Lasso was made, but up until this point it’s fair to say that Lasso really failed to make a real impression, so much so that most people are surprised that it is even around.

Facebook seems to be intent on making Lasso work though, playing the long game as they tend to do now that they are so well established. The latest attempts to make Lasso work, as spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, involve integrating it into WhatsApp, which means users would be able to share Lasso videos natively with just a link (Just like YouTube that users can play right into the Whatsapp app), this is something that could potentially give Lasso an extra edge. There are certain markets such as Mexico where TikTok has not become all that prevalent, and this is why Facebook is working on Lasso so that it can get to these markets before TikTok is able to.

Facebook also means to compete with TikTok in the markets that it has already gotten to, and this might just make for some really intriguing competition in this new year as well as this new decade. We will have to wait and see if Facebook manages to secure yet another monopoly, or if TikTok manages to bring down the juggernaut that seems to be controlling every aspect of the world of social media.

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